Bounteous teams up with Acquia to launch CDP QuickStart PackagesBounteous teams up with Acquia to launch CDP QuickStart Packages

Digital marketing consultancy Bounteous announced that they are collaborating with digital experience company Acquia to launch Customer Data Platform (CDP) QuickStart Packages.

Acquia acquired the AgilOne CDP and integrated it with their campaign management and personalization solutions in the Acquia Marketing Cloud back in 2020. They’ve since expanded their DX offerings by acquiring Widen, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) technologies

The Bounteous packages help marketers use Acquia’s CDP to unify customer profiles and push out relevant cross-channel experiences.

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“We are eager to co-innovate with many of our clients as we launch this offering,” said Jonathan Weber, Bounteous’s VP of data strategy and activation, in a company release. “This will enable us to help brands increase their revenue and profitability as well as drive customer lifetime value, return visits, loyalty, time to convert and so much more.”

CDP QuickStart Packages include:

Business objective workshoppingArchitecture review and data source auditsStrategy and platform configurationPersona and customer journey developmentData ingestion, transformation, and identity managementAdvanced analytics and customer modelingChannel integration and activationTeam enablement and training

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Why we care. Bounteous has worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Wawa and Domino’s to improve customer experience and develop improved UI on digital touchpoints. These touchpoints are data-driven and help to make the existing customer data that brands have in their possession more valuable. So, it makes sense that Bounteous would collaborate with a DX-focused company like Acquia to help corporate customers get their CDP off the ground, or to potentially offer the support that would tip the scales for a company on the fence about implementing a CDP.

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