The Trade Desk announces Adobe CDP integrationThe Trade Desk announces Adobe CDP integration

Today, The Trade Desk announced an integration with Adobe’s Real-Time CDP, making it the first DSP integration with the Adobe CDP for CTV campaigns. Advertisers can also use their first-party data on the CDP for all other channels through The Trade Desk.

This is another move that aims at providing ways to activate data in campaigns after the anticipated depreciation of third-party cookies. The Trade Desk already developed Unified ID 2.0 as a means for advertisers and partners to activate first-party data through email-based identifiers. Last year, the company also partnered with Publicis Groupe, which owns Epsilon, a top data broker.

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Not only will the activation of data through the Adobe CDP help in targeted customers, but the integration will also take performance data from the campaigns that are run through the DSP and “close the loop” by bringing that data back into the CDP for additional insights, according to a company release.

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Why we care. For marketers who have robust first-party data, this integration can make the most of the data without depending on third-party cookies. Of course, this begs the question about what marketers are doing to build those data-rich first-party relationships with their customers. 

From a campaign standpoint, it’s not just what you have, but what you do with it. Having a CDP and DSP adtech partner integrated with one another means that marketers can activate data across multi-channel campaigns, including CTV, with updated, centralized data on the customers that mean most to them. The campaigns can also be more personalized due to the advanced segmentation powered by the CDP.

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