Drift extends offerings across the customer lifecycleDrift extends offerings across the customer lifecycle

Drift, the B2B conversational marketing platform, has launched a new offering — Conversational Service — and combined all three of its core offerings in the Drift Conversational Cloud. The other offerings are Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales, using AI-powered chatbots to guide and support the B2B customer journey and to connect buyers with the right human agents. Drift now has a chatbot offering that extends across the revenue engine and is responsive to customers post-sale.

Why we care. Whether it’s pandemic-driven or just generational, the B2B customer journey is increasingly a self-service one, from discovery and research down to the moments before conversion — and in some cases to conversion itself. A vendor like Drift is well-positioned to support that kind of purchase trajectory.

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One benefit of bringing the three offerings together is that it should avoid siloed marketing, sales and service experiences, creating a single ongoing conversation throughout the lifecycle. “Translating click-based engagement into buyer-led enablement across interactions requires conversation design that senses and responds to spoken and unspoken buyer needs across complex and connected buying journeys. Conversational interactions help B2B organizations meet buyers where they are in their journey, enable their buyers and customers in the moment, and inform the next interaction,” wrote Jessie Johnson of Forrester in a report last year.

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