Measuring marketing value in a cookieless worldMeasuring marketing value in a cookieless world

With a number of privacy changes on the horizon, marketers will soon face new challenges with how we track and measure marketing performance. Measuring marketing ROI using native reporting from media platforms like Facebook and Google Ads will become increasingly less accurate and complete, and ultimately not even possible as third-party cookies are phased out.  

Frankly, marketers deserve better than what third-party cookies have been able to deliver in terms of measuring marketing value. Third-party cookies are predisposed to inflation and double-counting when it comes to conversions. And conversions, whether tied to an online purchase or a form submission, are what most businesses truly value. 

The deprecation of third-party cookies, therefore, presents an opportunity to improve the way we measure and report on campaign performance and ROI. It’s an opportunity to shift our reporting further down the funnel using first-party tracking and data strategies to create a more accurate and sustainable source of truth. 

We invite you to learn more about creating a first-party marketing measurement strategy in our session “How to measure marketing value in a cookieless world” at the upcoming MarTech virtual conference on Wednesday, March 30th. 

By attending this session, you’ll be able to:

Understand how third-party cookies have led marketers astrayTransition to first-party and even “no-party” marketing measurementPut a 90-day plan in place to get your measurement strategy future-ready

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