Good morning: Signs of spring?Good morning: Signs of spring?

In parts of the northeast, the last couple of days saw higher temperatures than usual for this time of year, in some parts of New York City breaking records set back in the 1930s. People were walking in the parks, jogging in light athletic gear and — it being New York City — filling any outdoor seating for bars and restaurants.

Along with signs of warm weather returning came more news of live events being planned in the marketing technology space, including some as early as June. With mask mandates lifting in many regions, we can yet again say, “Is it okay to breathe a sigh of relief?”

We may not be quite done with chills yet for a while, but as the days get longer I am always reminded of one of the most memorable lines in British poetry, which actually has application beyond the four seasons: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

Kim Davis

Editorial Director

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