datafuelX launches predictive analytics solutions to improve linear TV and CTV outcomesdatafuelX launches predictive analytics solutions to improve linear TV and CTV outcomes

A new advertising analytics company, datafuelX, will offer forecasting and optimization of ad audiences for both marketers and publishers on the buy side and sell side.

The first two predictive products launched by datafuelX, precisionX and outcomeX, are aimed at helping media companies, agencies and brands increase the efficiency of ad spend and improve reach and targeting capabilities in linear and addressable TV environments.

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Why we care.  Predictive and prescriptive analytics have become even more important in the adtech ecosphere as challenges have increased in identifying audiences across a proliferation of devices and apps, many of which have adopted more stringent privacy policies.

It’s not just about new smart TVs and cross-device streaming services, however. Marketers are also looking to replicate the success they had on linear TV in an earlier era in the CTV space, as TV viewers continue to cut the cord.

Outcomes. On the one hand, marketers can try to gain more accuracy in the audiences they reach through identity solutions and third-party data.

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But beyond attribution based on identifying a user or device, a marketer can also draw on predictive analytics that leverages existing behavioral and performance-related data not directly tied to personal identification.

That’s where a predictive analytics tool like outcomeX comes in. It aggregates outcome data sets and tethers them to linear TV audiences to build forward-looking estimates of outcome behavior within those audiences, rather than identifying and attributing outcomes to consumers after-the-fact.

PrecisionX. Univision Communications, Mediahub and TV-focused search analytics company EDO are already onboard using the precisionX tool. 

It uses modeling for individual viewership characteristics and real-time ad exposure data to inform individual-level forecasts for future ad exposures, creating a more holistic view of the consumer that publishers and advertisers can use across linear, addressable TV and digital video channels.

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