Digital asset management (DAM) platform Bynder acquires GatherContentDigital asset management (DAM) platform Bynder acquires GatherContent

Left to right: GatherContent founders Angus Edwardson and Alice Deer join Bynder CEO Bob Hickey. Image: Bynder.

Digital asset management (DAM) software company Bynder has acquired content operations platform GatherContent. The move adds workflow and editorial processes for content creation to Bynder’s DAM offering.

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With GatherContent, Bynder aims at providing a full lifecycle of content creation for marketers, spanning text creation to structured content ready for distribution.

The GatherContent capabilities will be sold as a distinct product to Bynder users as GatherContent by Bynder. According to the company, it will include:

A centralized platform for content teams to collaborate on creating structured content combining text and digital assetsThe ability to use templates and reusable components to scale up production of text contentCustom workflows, allowing teams to maintain confidence in the quality of content as they scale upThe capability to deliver content towards all channels used for your customer experience

Based in the U.K., GatherContent currently claims approximately 1,100 customers, including Intel, Volkswagen and Vanguard.

In 2018, Bynder acquired Webdam to create a global DAM powerhouse.

Why we care. There are two significant challenges that face content marketers today and they are related – how to create the high volume of content required for a proliferation of digital channels, at scale, and how to get the content distributed across these channels.

The GatherContent by Bynder appears to meet these challenges by streamlining the workflow and editing processes, and also by providing some of omnichannel delivery.

At the heart of this evolution in content creation is the experience to the audience who engages with the content. One term sums this up – digital experience (DX). By pulling together content operations with a DAM platform, marketers can access the content their team is creating in a single place with a unified workflow. One advantage in having the DAM as part of the environment is the ability to use other existing assets on the DAM, which isn’t the primary function for a CMS.

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