Movable Ink and Stensul announce email partnership, integrationsMovable Ink and Stensul announce email partnership, integrations

Personalization platform Movable Ink and email creation platform Stensul have announced a strategic partnership and new integrations. Movable Ink personalized content will now be available to be included in emails being created, previewed and approved within Stensul without the need for coding. Movable Ink code will automatically be included in Stensul-produced HTML.

Movable Ink, which became known for dynamic email content activated at time of open now offers data-driven personalized content, primarily visual, at any touchpoint. Stensul offers an environment for collaborative email creation encompassing all parts of the workflow. Basketball team the Milwaukee Bucks had been using both platforms separately before the integration, copying and pasting Movable Ink code into emails within Stensul. According to a release, the integration has made email creation 25% faster.

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Why we care. Once described, this integration looks like a no-brainer. In the blizzard of emails, those with dynamic, personalized content have a chance of standing out. Stensul gives teams the tools to ideate, create and collaborate on emails — why would they want to go off platform to manually fetch personalized creative assets?

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