digital republic

Helping Business Build Long term Sustainable Growth with digital marketing and high converting websites




We improve your existing ad-tech performance.

We optimise current ad accounts by implementing industry best practices.  

We perfect your digital strategy​

We help your inhouse digital team set up search & programmatic. 

We gather both quantitative and qualitative data.

We use sophisticated analytics methodologies and tools to discover insights.

We are experts in data analysis and driving commercial outcomes

We discover actionable insight to create strategy and an execution plan

Search Engine Marketing

Display, Video, Audio & Native (implemented programmatically)

Paid Social

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript (with jquery, node.js and bootstrap for the bling)
  • Java
  • Soap
  • XML
  • (you name it, we do it)

Attribution models

Live Dashboard and Reporting

Google Analytics


Your digital strategy, with data led design, key customer insights and technology smarts to drive more relevant traffic, increase customer engagement and deliver a significant return on investment with guaranteed increased revenue returns.

our approach sets us apart...

Digital Republic will  help you build long term, sustainable growth with digital marketing and high converting websites.

At our core we are a data driven business that implements sophisticated advanced analytics methodologies and tools to deliver actionable insights that deliver elevated return on investment. 

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